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A SIM card is an important thing to keep you online and connected to your relatives at home. Buy your local SIM card by using Bali Trip Center service.

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  • Staying in touch with your relatives and family is convenient by using our 3G/4G data plans.
  • Reliable mobile service and a speedy internet speed are available to use with our tourist SIM card.
  • Available to pick up at the Denpasar airport.
  • An airport transfer to your hotel is also available to book.
  • Top up can be done anywhere.
When you are on a vacation for Bali activities, the chances are that you would want to record your journey and upload it to your social media. But, you would definitely encounter trouble since your old SIM carrier is not available for use when you are away from the country you are from. The solution would be buying a local SIM card offered by Bali Trip Center since it is very convenient to buy our SIM card and to follow our instruction in order to activate it. Upon activation, you will receive 3GB of 3G/4G service, 2 GB of 4GB-exclusive service, a 1GB quota for YouTube streaming, and 15 minutes of phone call time. 

Perhaps you are thinking to skip our offer and to buy a SIM card from a local store. Unfortunately, such a thing would not work since Indonesia has enforced a tight regulation regarding SIM card purchases in the country; several bothersome procedures will be required when activating a SIM card bought from local stores. In order to avoid it, you can opt to purchase the tourist SIM card since the activation is very easy and you can follow our guide. By the way, we just offer an airport pickup service to combine with your SIM card purchase.

After you have arrived at the airport of Denpasar, what are you supposed to do to retrieve your SIM card? It is easy to pick up your SIM card once you have arrived to Denpasar Airport. By the time you have arrived, finish your luggage administration and claim and head straight to the airport arrivals hall. Our representatives will be around and they will be holding the names of the people who purchased our SIM card. We always wear bright clothes in order to make you easier to find us! We will wait for up to one hour upon your flight arrival; please send us an e-mail if your flight is delayed for more than one hour.  

Bali Trip Center is the company you dream of when it comes to tour and travel around Bali. We have several kinds of service which are able to make your trip more enjoyable and convenient. Well, have enjoyable Bali activities when you are on the island!

Your trip in Bali is going to feel better when you to stay in touch with your relatives. 

"Listen music, browsing about destination info or Contacting your closest friends and family during your trip is possible by purchasing a tourist SIM card.

"We sell Internet SIM Card with best coverage area almost 90 percent you don't have problem with signal "

"You like selfie with nice background in behind, don't worry you can share in social media every time and every where"
Harga Termasuk
  • 3GB 3G/4G service
  • 2GB 4G service
  • 1GB Youtube
  • 15 minutes worth of calls
Pilihan Paket Silakan pilih Paket
3G/4G Sim Card
Harga Mulai dari IDR 0
SIM Card 6GB
Extra Kouta 10 GB
Informasi aktivitas
  • Immediately we send email about availability your activity request
  • We will be send email confirmation of your Booking ID and E-voucher 
  • If you do not receive an email from us, please check your spam folder or notify us via email or contact support
Penting dibawa
  • Extra Money for other expense 
  • A driver holding a Bali Trip Center sign will be waiting for you at the arrival at airport
  • The representative will wait for you for up to 1 hour from your flight arrival time. If you are delayed longer than 1 hour after landing, please email or message us to re-schedule pickup time
Bagaimana cara menggunakan
  • Please present your E-Voucher when you meet our driver in Ngurah Rai Airport
  • The voucher is valid on the date specified 
Kebijakan pembayaran dan pembatalan

Online payment 
Payment by Visa or credit card processed by Paypal. If you choose this option, your booking will be instantly confirmed.

Book Now and Pay Later. 
If you select this option, your payment will be collected during the trip. Please bring enough cash, we do not accept credit card payment during your trip.

Cancellation Policy

Full return will be issued if cancellation notify 24 hours prior to the activity along with reason


  • Only available if you book together with Bali Airport Transfer
  • It is strongly recommended to allow the Bali Trip Center staff to assist you with the installation and activation of the SIM Card as there could be complications with the installation.
  • The SIM Card can be used in the following areas: Sumatera (including Aceh), Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua
  • Top up can be done by buying a top up card from one of the numerous phone shops in Bali. Simply look for a banner with "Jual Pulsa" on it
  • Please note: If you find any difficulties on using your SIM Card, please restart your phone first and if the problem still occurs, please call the contact number listed on your voucher contact us to help 
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Muhamad Anwar
Muhamad Anwar - Aug 06,2019
good transaction and simple
Collection of the SIM card was very easy. The balitripcenter team was very organised and make the transaction one a seamless one :-)
Michelle Lou
Michelle Lou - Aug 01,2019
super easy to use
got the sim card at the airport. super easy to find my contact. the sim card works perfectly without any extra config
Edilberto Jr
Edilberto Jr - Jul 07,2019
good data and signal
The data connection is ok for almost the place. Pickup experience is good. We get stuck in the arrival room, use around 1hours to claim for the luggage. We are afraid the staff has leave as it take too long time. But, there are still staff there we manage to collect our sim card smoothly.
Francesca Isabel
Francesca Isabel - Apr 08,2019
signal streght all area
Pick-up of the sim was easy and the people in charge were very approachable despite having a lot of customers to entertain. The sim's signal was very good and fast when we used them during our stay in Bali. Though had difficulty with signal when we got to the mountainous areas.
Yeung Gin
Yeung Gin - Mar 04,2019
good signal
The signal was very good mange to even receive cell reception when we were on TOP of batur mountain. The coverage had a good range. Very good service from them, easy to locate them due to their uniform
Hamdan bin
Hamdan bin - Feb 05,2019
easy to use and helppull
The driver delivered us the SIM card along with the airport transfer service. He’s very friendly and helpful. Willing to stop by for us to get some food on our way to hotel! Best service i’ve seen from a travel agent so far.
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