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Answer: All you have to is choose an activity and then select the package, date, and participants. After that, click the ‘Book’ and follow the instruction to finish the booking.

Answer: The confirmation depends on the type of the activity. Every activity has a different confirmation time. Most are confirmed within 24 hours though.

3. Question: How can I know if my reservation is confirmed?

Answer: You’ll receive an email about your order summary. There will be the detail of the activity you have reserved and the payment options. Along with the email is a separate email with your reservation ID attached.

Answer: Please, check the spam folder or contact our customer support via email to support@balitripcenter.com or text us via WhatsApp support.

Answer: In the activity detail, you’ll find ‘How to Use’ or contact our customer support officer via WhatsApp. Our team will tell you how to get there from your location.
Answer: We accept USD. If you use a credit card, you will have to prepare Rupiah in cash for extra tips.

Answer: Yes, you can. You should select the package and the date of your arrival first, and then adjust the unit, and finally, you’ll see the final payment including the detail.

Answer: If you pay cash, there’s no booking fee, but if you use a credit card, there is usually an extra fee for booking.

Answer: You can pay cash, use a credit or debit card, and PayPal. There will be an instruction on how to do the payment in the email you receive.

Answer: You are welcome to pay cash. For Bali Tour Combination you can pay to our drivers.

Answer: Our online payment system is safe. It encrypts the information of your payment to prevent you from unauthorized transactions and from the frauds.

Answer: We give our clients the best price, but you may let us know the price that you want. We’ll consider your price if you choose a group tour.
Answer: Please, see the detail of your cancelation and find out if you can get the refund. However, cancelation is almost never with the activities we offer. We’ll always ask what you wish for your holiday and gladly will arrange your holiday package the way you like it. If it is about how to change dates, activities, or packages please don’t hesitate to let us know via support@balitripcenter.com

Answer: Please let us know via support@balitripcenter.com. We’ll check what you may miss and you’ll receive your refund right away.

Answer: You may contact us via email to support@balitripcenter.com and let us know about the changes. We will inform you right away.
Answer: You can sign up with your personal email (Google account) or via your Facebook login.

Answer: Yes, you can. We’ll send you the link of how to leave a comment or write a review via email. We will thank you for your review or comment on our services.

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