Hand watch

Everyone needs a watch because it makes your day efficient and runs smoothly. By knowing the right time, you won’t miss any agenda or important thing to do. When your schedule is on track, you can do more things. Even though you can see the time through your phone, it feels different than seeing through your hand. Because a watch also has another function too, that is as a fashion item. Today, a watch has various designs related to your taste and personality. For the men, a watch makes them look more masculine. While for women, watch helps their appearance more glamour. Get a great hand watch from Bali Trip Center by booking private transportation. This is free as our bonus to make your moment in Bali is unforgettable. 

Term and contitions
  • The period of the promo only valid from 1 September until 31 December 2019.
  • Promo is valid only for Full Day Private Transport purchase. Click here of detail activity
  • The watch is available in two sizes and models (for men and women).
  • The watch is available in two colors (white and black).
  • The bonus is only available once the payment completed.
  • This bonus is based on availability.

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