Think To do In BALI
There’s no shortage of things to do in Bali. The island is a renowned haven for water sports, while further attractions abound, encompassing rainforests, waterfalls, and ancient temples. Equally famous for its culture, arts and shopping as it is for its spectacular scenery, Bali is a destination where you can pick up local handicrafts, seek the latest fashion, enjoy some local entertainment, or settle in for a succulent meal.


epending on your location, Bali food and drink can vary from standard western fare to more exotic and traditional Balinese delights. A short stroll from the creature comforts of Kuta and its resorts, adventurous options beckon, while the villages and bustling night markets provide an insight into traditional Indonesian cuisine and the more authentic flavours on offer. 
Seafood is a specialty, particularly in seaside locations like Jimbaran Bay. Pork and chicken are equally popular, served with the primary grain and dining accompaniment of the region: rice. Due to the Hindu influence, beef is rarely consumed.
Bali Food Markets
Come nightfall, food markets in Bali spring to life in a magical, thriving, and aromatic form. By day, market enclaves are shopping and bargain meccas, but from dusk they become a bustling destination for hungry locals and visitors alike. These markets are the authentic destination to enjoy specialties like babi guling (suckling pig), bebek betutu (slow-cooked duck), and ikan bakar (charcoal-grilled fish).

Bali Restaurant Precincts
With a wide range of dining options to suit all tastes and desires, Bali restaurants are plentiful and easy to find. Notable regions include Kuta, where the bustling restaurant scene features western, traditional Balinese and Asian influences; Jimbaran Bay, where you can enjoy a beachside meal of freshly caught seafood; Ubud for its local produce and authentic Indonesian fare; upmarket Nusa Dua; and Seminyak and Legian.

Bali Bars and Nightlife 
A magical sunset over the Balinese waterfront is just the beginning of a night’s entertainment in Bali. Come sundown, the Bali nightlife begins in earnest with a host of venues open to accommodate dining, entertainment, and enjoyment. Kuta is widely recognised as the hub of after-dark excitement, but Seminyak and Legian also feature a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel with plenty of live entertainment including cultural shows.

Bali Cafes 
A strong cafe culture has emerged in Bali in recent years, courtesy of an expat influence and obsession with all things coffee. Destinations like Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak and Legian all feature an array of cafes. These provide the ideal location to enjoy a lazy brunch, indulge in a little people-watching, or catch up on a little correspondence with family and friends. 


A bargain hunter’s paradise is perhaps the best way to describe Bali shopping. Thriving shopping malls, village markets, and roadside stalls all cater to your every retail whim.
Destinations like Kuta offer western fashion and accessories at discount prices. Handicrafts, clothing, homewares, and jewellery are also readily available.
In contrast, Ubud is the centre of Balinese culture and arts. This makes it an ideal destination to shop for traditional items like Batik, sculptures, woodwork, and carvings at some of the best Bali markets on offer.
It’s worth noting that bargaining is common practice. Many items are not tagged, so prepare to offer a fair price and negotiate when necessary.

This upmarket seaside region is a shopping haven of boutiques, designer outlets and surf stores, while smaller shops line the main thoroughfare, Jalan Raya Seminyak. In 2015, the township also added a two-storey shopping mall to its retail repertoire. Jewellery is a featured product of the area, and designer gold and silver pieces can be found at various boutiques and major stores in the area.

From local arts markets to some of the largest Bali shopping centres, Kuta offers a huge selection of retail spanning fashion, arts, jewellery, homewares, and more. The bulk of shops, including the major malls, line Kuta’s main thoroughfares. A notable destination is the bazaar-style precinct of Kuta Art Market where you can find local wares and souvenirs.

Although smaller than Seminyak and Kuta, the Canggu shopping scene offers boutique items for discerning buyers. Catering mainly to expats in the region, and often established by them too, items on offer include surf gear, jewellery, children’s toys, and homewares. There’s no specific shopping precinct. Instead, stores are dotted throughout Canggu’s busier streets or situated next to restaurants and bars.

Considered the up-and-coming boutique precinct that now makes the top 10 of any Bali shopping guide, Petitenget is home to designer boutiques featuring all manner of beautifully crafted wares. Jewellery, homewares, and one-off fashion items are among the treasure-trove of acquisitions that await your discovery during a stroll down Petitenget’s bustling main street.

If you’re considering what to buy in Bali, then Ubud arguably has some of the most authentic artisan delights available. The region is a haven for arts, crafts, clothing, and unique souvenirs. The best sites for knick-knacks and crafts include the art market next to the royal palace and the street adjoining the Monkey Forest, while the main street is home to endless fashion boutiques.


The striking element of Bali beaches is their diversity. From pristine white sands to unforgettable black sea shores, from calm waters to the ultimate surf break, water lovers of all persuasions will find the perfect scene in which to indulge, enjoy, and embrace the temperate waters on offer.
While you may know it primarily as a surf destination, Bali is equally acclaimed for its isolated and pristine beachfronts. Snorkelling and diving locations are a feature, along with spectacular vistas where the cliffs descend dramatically into the sea.
Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, underwater wonder, or seclusion, Bali has an expansive coastline with a bevy of beaches destined to please.

Kuta Beach

Situated in the famous tourism precinct, Kuta Beach is located in the island’s southwest, and features a 2.5km stretch of cream-coloured sands and rolling surf. The resort-lined beachfront runs parallel to the township’s bustling main street, making it an easily accessible, one-stop destination for surfing, swimming and snorkelling, or a place to catch a picturesque Balinese sunset.

Seminyak Beach
Home to resident expats, luxury villas and upscale resorts, Seminyak Beach has a feel far different to the bustling beachfronts of Kuta and Legian. It’s the perfect location for advanced surfers to catch a wave. If relaxation is more your style, enjoy an uninterrupted sunset while reclining in a beachfront chair, or indulge in a horse ride along the water’s edge.

Legian Beach
Adjoining the Kuta area, Legian Beach remains a popular beachfront with locals and tourists alike. Like Kuta, Legian features the cream sands of the island’s south set against the vibrant, rolling surf break. Surfing lessons, surf hire, and boogie boards are available. Meanwhile, beverage vendors are on hand to furnish weary beachgoers with a welcome drink under a shady umbrella pitched in the sand.

Nusa Dua
Purpose-built as an upmarket tourism enclave, Nusa Dua features long, pristine beachfronts with clear, calm waters that are ideal for swimming. The area also boasts a stunning natural blowhole on the southern peninsula. Here you can witness the power of the Indian Ocean at its untamed and unpredictable best. If you’re not actually staying at Nusa Dua, you might find that Geger Beach is more accessible.

Sanur Beach
Located on the southeast of the island in proximity to Denpasar, Sanur Beach offers a brightly coloured vista of traditional fishing boats resting idly on the cream-coloured sands. Calm, tepid waters and its lagoon-like feel make this an ideal destination for swimming and snorkelling far from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Legian.

Jimbaran Beach
Jimbaran Beach is a striking stretch of beachfront located in the picturesque Jimbaran Bay adjoining the Bukit Peninsula. With waves that gently lap the shoreline, it’s a haven for swimmers seeking a relaxing dip. Come late afternoon, the beach transforms into an open-air dining precinct where seafood is a specialty, and the spectacular sunsets are a must-see.


There’s no shortage of Bali activities to delight travellers of all persuasions. Renowned for its spectacular beaches, Bali is a magnet for surfers the world over, while the secluded coves offer excellent snorkelling and swimming opportunities.
If it’s the sights, sounds and smells you seek to enjoy, there’s also a multitude of ways to get up close and personal with the nature and culture of Bali, with activities including cycling and hiking.
Relaxation also features heavily on the to-do list when holidaying on this picturesque island. Spas, retreats, meditation and yoga are available and affordable at both popular and more isolated tourist locations.

Snorkelling in Bali
Snorkelling in Bali is essential for your to-do list. There are countless underwater wonderlands to experience and explore. The region is at the heart of the world-renowned coral triangle, with coral gardens, colourful reefs, and exotic marine life just some of the delights to enjoy. Best of all, these reefs are often easily accessible from the shore.

Hiking Bali
Whether you seek to explore volcanic mountains, verdant rice fields or the lush green rainforests and waterfalls, Bali hiking offers the opportunity to experience nature at its finest in your own time, at your own pace. Prime destinations include Mt Agung, Mt Batur, West Bali National Park, Danau Bratan with its nearby lakes, and Monduk.

Bali spas
Bali spas are famous the world over for their therapeutic, spiritual and relaxation credentials. There’s no shortage of venues to truly soothe the soul. From upmarket resort spas to day spas and pampering retreats, spas are accessible no matter your locale. They cater equally to a quick rub down or an indulgent day spent languishing in calm surrounds.

Bali bike tours
From the adrenaline of mountain biking to a relaxed cycle taking in the sights, a Bali bike tour is the opportunity to experience the island in a unique and personal way. Cycling and mountain biking are an industry in themselves with a host of guided tours available to give you insider access to the best trails the island has to offer.

Yoga in Bali
With its deep spirituality, connection to nature, and Hindu culture, Bali is widely regarded as the world’s premier destination for yoga and meditation retreats. If you’re looking to experience the health and relaxation benefits of yoga then there are options for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike, ranging from day classes to week-long retreats.


The relaxed, spiritual and welcoming Bali culture is one of the many reasons visitors are drawn to the tiny island and return time and again. This is a place of ornate ancient temples, brightly coloured ceremonies, and occasions marked through intricate Bali dance.
Customs, skills and traditions are woven and sculptured into the unique handicrafts that the Balinese are known for. Meanwhile, Bali museums abound, and temples dot the landscape in homage to Hinduism.
Regardless of your location, you never have to venture far to stumble across the deep spirituality and custom of this peaceful, warm, and friendly slice of paradise.

Uluwatu Temple
Perched high over the Indian Ocean on a clifftop some 70m above the sea, Uluwatu is perhaps the most recognisable of all Bali temples. One of six key temples believed to be the pillars of Balinese spirituality, Uluwatu Temple features ornate architecture and a clifftop walk. This is the ideal location for a spectacular sunset in stunning surrounds. You can approach the site through a forest where monkeys mischievously interact with guests.

Tanah Lot Temple
Set on a rocky outcrop amid crashing waves, the Tanah Lot temple is an ancient Hindu shrine located 20km to the northwest of Kuta. This striking location is believed to date back to the 16th century and is one of seven sea temples punctuating the Balinese coast. It offers a prime position for enjoying a sunset, with shops and restaurants in the vicinity.   

Ubud Art Market
Ubud is renowned for its art and craft offerings, making Ubud Art Market the ideal venue to pick up unique Bali handicrafts. A bargain hunter’s paradise, you can discover traditional souvenirs and intricate pieces handcrafted by the local Balinese. The art market is located at the centre of Ubud near the royal palace.

Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal
Stroll beneath towering nutmeg trees, amid ancient temples and garden statues as you watch the macaque monkeys at play in this shady protected habitat. The Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, also known as Ubud monkey forest, is located within an easy stroll of Ubud town centre. This is one of the region’s most famous attractions.

Featuring a spectacular landscape, Bedugul-Munduk is renowned for its customs, culture, and glorious gardens. This is a place to leisurely indulge in the natural beauty of Bali. The region boasts some of the island’s most picturesque scenery including mist-covered mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and ancient temples. Attractions include the Bali Botanical Gardens, Candi Kuning Market, and the Ulun Danu Bratan temple.

Besakih Temple
This most holy, important and vast spiritual destination comprises 23 separate but interconnected temples perched 1,000m high on the side of Bali’s largest volcano, Mt Agung. Not only is the temple itself a spectacular landmark, but the scenery that surrounds it is equally enchanting. Catch your breath while taking in a vista of rice paddies, mountains, and streams from the sanctuary of a temple that holds supreme significance to the people of Bali.  
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